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Panchkarma Treatment In Noida



What is Panchakarma Treatment?

Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment is an Ayurvedic way to achieve a balanced mind, body and spirit. Panchakarma meaning is derived from two Sanskrit words – Pancha, which means five, and Karma, which means actions. Thus, Panchakarma procedure is a five-step process that detoxifies the human body and draws out the toxins accumulated over time due to poor habits, food choices, illness and environmental pollution. The methods employed in Panchakarma restore an individual’s natural healing capacity and improve the quality of life. When these healing procedures are practised in conjunction with meditation and yoga, one can heal the body and soul from within and achieve complete good health.

Panchakarma treatment procedure works on the principle that the body is inherently capable of healing itself and removing the toxins from the system on its own. However, this ability wears out due to several factors, like poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption and spending long hours at work. Some diseases and genetic pre-conditions may also lead to the body’s inability to maintain the right bodily functions.

Benefits of Panchakarma

  • Completely purifies the body
  • Riddance of toxins
  • Speeding up the metabolism
  • Reducing weight
  • Enhancing the strength of digestive fire
  • Opening up of blocked channels
  • Relaxing the mind and body
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Rejuvenation of tissues

Five Panchakarma Therapies

  • Vaman: In this treatment, a patient is given inside and outside oleation and fomentation treatments for few days which includes therapies and some ayurvedic medicines. Once the toxins get melted and accumulate in upper cavities of body, the patient is given emetic medicines and decoction. This enables vomiting and helps in disposing of the poisons from the body tissues. Vaman treatment is particularly suggested basically for kapha-dominated conditions, such as weight gain, asthma and hyperacidity.
  • Virechan: In virechan, purgation or disposal of toxins happens through the clearing of the bowels. In this treatment too, the patient is given inside and outside oleation and fomentation treatments. From that point onward, the patient is given a natural purgative to encourage clearing of the guts that aides in purifying the body of toxins. Virechan treatment is prescribed fundamentally for pitta -dominated conditions, such as herpes zoster, jaundice , colitis, celiac infection etc.
  • Basti: Managing medicated substances through enema is Ayurveda's exceptional commitment to the therapeutic world. The treatment has huge advantages, particularly in convoluted and chronic diseases. According to the nature of disease, home grown decoctions, oils, ghee or milk are managed into the rectum and this has incredible positive effects. This treatment is to a great degree powerful against vata-dominated conditions, such as arthritis, piles and constipation. Also, read more about medicine for constipation.
  • Nasya: This treatment is extremely effective in clearing and purging the head area. At the beginning of the treatment, the head and shoulder areas are given a delicate massage and fomentation. After that, nasal drops are regulated in both the nostrils. This achieves the cleaning of the whole head area and diminishes different sorts of cerebral pain, headache, hair issues, sleep disorder, neurological disorders, sinusitis , chronic rhinitis and respiratory ailments.
  • Raktamokshan: This treatment is useful for cleaning of blood and viable against ailments caused because of impure blood. It can be done in a particular area or for the whole body. This treatment is especially valuable in different skin infections, such as psoriasis, dermatitis , and furthermore in local lesions such as abscesses and pigmentation.

Why should one undergo a Panchakarma therapy?

Stress, natural pollutants and poor lifestyle decisions make a lethal load on the body that—if left in the tissues and circulation system results in poor health.

Panchakarma turns around this degenerative procedure rapidly and its impact is quite significant and long lasting. Panchakarma utilizes a combination of massage, home grown saunas, special foods and nutritional directives, mellow fasting and colon treatments to free the body from accumulated toxins.

Your own Panchakarma program starts with an intensive exam by an Ayurvedic Physician, which empowers the specialist to prescribe a therapy according to an individual’s wellbeing. As your Panchakarma medicines advances, you will be given a special ayurvedic diet routine mixed with specific medicinal plants and basic oils to use at home. These will help animate your liver and stomach related organs, helping them to cleanse toxins.

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